Chailey's core strategy is to develop prestigious homes throughout the Home Counties. Chailey Homes is not, as with the major plc house builders, focused on the number of units per year, but on the profitability of each project.

The Directors are acutely aware of the commercial need for cost control and the necessity to purchase land at the right price to allow the maximum profitability to be returned to the Company. A wide network of land contacts are maintained and the simple management structure allows deals to be structured and closed quickly to allow the best sites to be purchased in locations that best suit our market.

Chailey Homes specialises in sites normally within mature areas where the quality of the design and specification of the development is a priority and where added value can be achieved. Within this sector, a wide variety of homes can still be developed from one and two bedroom apartments for either those moving up the housing ladder or the more mature purchaser who is 'down sizing', through the whole range of the housing market to the large single plots selling at 2-3million.

Chailey Homes believes that it has established a niche market that is not overdeveloped by others within the sector, especially with the plc house builders who tend to concentrate on the low price high volume market, for the corporate dictates are not able to be cost effective in our sector of the market.